Hydraulic Service Rig Catwalk

The Brutus Service Rig catwalk is designed to limit the need for hands-on operation and set up. Superior Rig Innovations “Brutus” can be set to different floor heights with the simple press of a button from on the HMI touch screen. From there the on-board PLC system automatically adjusts the catwalks arm pin to suit […]

Rod Rigs

Denarii Well Servicing’s fleet consists of Single Double Rod units for efficient conventional sucker rod and light-well servicing. Our units are designed for quick mobilization and are smaller and faster than a conventional service rig. Standard equipment includes a  pump and tank for killing, flushing, and pressure testing wells. The flexibility of our Rod Rigs […]


Kenworth T-800 Canadian Oilfield Cryogenics Inc.  Manufactured HR-LN2-180K flameless pumping system. High clearance chassis built for rough oilfield terrain.  Each pumping unit is operated by a safety-oriented professional who specialized in the delivery of nitrogen services in a timely, economic, and safe manner. The unit is made to be versatile and multipurpose to reduce overall […]

Service Rigs

Denarii’s Well Servicing fleet currently consists of four heavy double free standing and three single free standing rigs with operations centres in Central Alberta Canada and South Texas USA. Denarii’s Well services applications: include; completions, workovers, abandonments and remedial recovery production – along with maintenance, heavy oil, critical sour, horizontal and re-entry drilling with depths […]

Cement Wireline Combo Unit

Denarii’s specialized combination unit is capable of handling all e-line operations for depths of up to 5000 meters. The cementing application consists of twin 3 cubic meter displacement tanks feeding a SPM TWS 600S triplex high pressure pump. E-line applications: Open Hole / Cased Hole Logging, Perforating, Gauge ring, Junk Basket, Packer Setting, Bridge Plugs, […]