Hydraulic Service Rig Catwalk

The Brutus Service Rig catwalk is designed to limit the need for hands-on operation and set up. Superior Rig Innovations “Brutus” can be set to different floor heights with the simple press of a button from on the HMI touch screen. From there the on-board PLC system automatically adjusts the catwalks arm pin to suit the selected floor height.

The HMI touch screen also allows the operator to see the catwalks vitals and operating parameters. With the wireless remote the operator can operate the catwalk from a safe distance and out of harms way. The wireless remote can also be equipped with an LDC screen so the operator can see how the catwalk is operating and if there are any errors present.

Brutus can be equipped with electric, hydraulic, and mechanical safety interlocks to ensure no damage can be done to the operator or the equipment when properly operated. Other sensors can be equipped to Brutus which are monitored by the PLC and through the HMI screen if requested. The Brutus can be equipped with the Superior “Overwatch” system that acts like a ton-mile indicator typically found on drilling rig catwalks. This system will boost the catwalks longevity through proper maintenance schedules which saves the client money and ensures less downtime.