With continual and enhanced scrutiny from the public, special interest groups and the provincial regulatory authorities, Collaborative Energy Services understands a production company’s motivation to maintain an advantageous Licensee Liability Ratio (LLR) and Liability Management Rating (LMR), facilitating continued growth opportunities while reducing environmental impacts.Our management team believes that effective LLR management & ‘End of Life’ solutions require the efficient, cost effective and integrated delivery of engineering & equipment along with environmental and regulatory support. We understand how integrating these services enables the sharing of resources and creation of synergies. This collaborative approach enhances our effectiveness allowing us to provide exceptional value to our clients.

Intergrated approach

Regulatory Services

Spanning the entire resource lifecycle, CoEnergy can handle all your regulatory compliance needs including but not limited to; applications, modeling, compliance audits, non-compliance risk analysis, environmental requests, schedule management and stakeholder notification consultation. Put your trust in our many years of "hands-on" experience from both a services company and governmental/regulatory perspective.


Subsurface Abandonments

CoEnergy’s Subsurface Engineering Team provides a “Full Suite” of engineering services all well types – shallow, conventional, unconventional and thermal/SAGD operations. Services include:
• Well file and actual well audits, assessments and data mining to provide cost estimates and technical recommendations
• Abandonment supervision and field supervision
• Surface casing vent flow and gas migration identification and testing
• Log analysis for gas migration/SCVF source identification
• Groundwater protection and porous zone isolation

Environmental Services

Collaborative’s Environmental Team provides a “Full Suite” of Environmental assessment and management. From characterisation to remediation and end of life reclamation and regulatory closure. Our team of professionals have you covered

Decommissioning Services

Collaborative’s Decommissioning Team provides a “Full Suite” of decommissioning services.