Environment & Decomissioning

Collaborative’s Environmental & Decomissioning Teams provide a “Full Suite” of Environmental & Decomissioning assessment and management. From characterisation to remediation and end of life reclamation and regulatory closure. Our team of professionals have you covered.

Regulatory Support Services

Spanning the entire resource lifecycle, CoEnergy can handle all your regulatory compliance needs including but not limited to; applications, modelling, compliance audits, non-compliance risk analysis, environmental requests, schedule management and expediting, sour gas, and stakeholder notification consultation. Put your trust in our many years of “hands-on” experience from both a services company and governmental/regulatory perspective.


CoEnergy’s seasoned construction supervisors are able to provide energy infrastructure inspection and supervision, project commission and decommissioning, construction management, pipeline integrity and personnel services and have developed strong and trustworthy relationships within the oilfield construction industry. With our seasoned expertise and fresh innovation, we are able to provide whatever requirements you may need for your […]

Project Management

CoEnergy Project Mangers have either E&P side, well-engineering and/or management experience while possessing strong project management acumen and broad knowledge throughout the entire lifecycle of a well – from asset evaluation to downhole abandonment. We build oilfield teams consisting of the appropriate knowledge and the right equipment to complete a successful project – CoEnergy’s project […]

Well Site Supervision

CoEnergy’s Wellsite Supervisors possess technical qualifications over a broad range of oilfield operations – from the drill bit to production at the facility, logistical planning skills, safety mindset and personnel management skills required in the industry today. Well Site Supervisors will be matched to your specific projects and maintain at a minimum are IRP-7 compliant.


CoEnergy has proven experience in assessment, programming, project management and field supervision in well abandonment and suspensions operations with shallow, conventional, unconventional wells plus leading and rare expertise with Thermal/SAGD wells. Services provided – but not limited to – are remediation of gas migration and surface casing vent flows, hydraulic isolation through corrective cement work […]

Workover / Optimization

CoEnergy can offer optimization and cost reduction of both workovers and remedial well interventions and can provide expertise in plug drillouts, cleanouts, coiled tubing interventions, casing repairs and fishing and can evaluate how to enable re-completions in depleting wells. CoEnergy is able to optimize and innovate workover, re-stimulation, well intervention and re-fracturing operations to improve […]


CoEnergy engineers and project managers have experience in all aspects of conventional and non-conventional well completions, including: CBM, shallow gas, heavy oil, Thermal/SAGD, critical sour, multi-zone and directional completions. CoEnergy’s experienced hydraulic fracturing supervisors and engineering can deliver efficient, cost effective hydraulic stimulation programs.

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